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My Name Is Paresh Barai. I am From Gujarat State, Porbandar City. I am a Full Time Blogger. Making Money Online Is my Biggest Passion currently, Because It gives a freedom of life. The more you work the more you earn, that is the Brightest part of Blogging. Whatever I learnt about blogging I learn from the Internet. That is why I decided to share it back to others via My 2 websites & Youtube Channel. I am also Interested In making Apps. That is why I bought Playstore account. I wish Great Support & Love from all Internet Users / Visitors. Stay Connected for Informative Regular Content.

Blogging can bring fame as well as earning plus this profession is boss free, that is biggest advantage of it. currently it is quite hard to survive in this field but if you got some talent & you bound to work hard, then no one can stop your way. that is what i believe.


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