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Mahavir Jayanti is exceptionally commended each year by the general population of Jain religion and different religious individuals too to remember the birth commemoration of the colossal sage, Mahavir (otherwise called Vardhamana). Mahavir Jayanti Special 
Mahavir was the 24th and last Tirthankara of the Jainism who had established the Jainism and in addition built up the center standards of the Jainism. 

He was conceived on thirteenth day in the Chaitra month in the Shukla Paksha amid the 540 BCE. at the Kundalagrama, Vaishali area, Bihar. That is the reason Mahavir Jayanti is commended each year on thirteenth of April with incredible energy and euphoria. 
It is the most critical and custom festival for the general population in Jainism. It has been announced as the gazetted occasion all finished India when all the administration workplaces and instructive establishments end up shut.


Mahavir Jayanti is additionally celebrated in Jainism by the name Mahavir Janma Kalyanak to praise the introduction of their last Tirthankara. 
As per the Gregorian schedule it falls every year in the period of March or April. It is commended with much enthusiasm at all the Jain sanctuaries everywhere throughout the nation. 
All the blessed spots and sanctuaries related with the Mahavir are designed with the blossoms, banners and so forth to praise this uncommon event. 
At this day, the Mahavir symbol is given a custom shower before festivity and puja following a major and great parade. 
There is a convention of appropriating garments, cash, sustenance and other fundamental things to the destitute individuals. 
Such offices are sorted out by the Jain associations. Huge festival occasions are sorted out at some fabulous Jain sanctuaries including Girnar and Palitana, Gujarat; Sri Mahavirji, Rajasthan; Parasnath Temple, Kolkata and Pawapuri, Bihar. 
It is privately celebrated by the general population by giving a formal shower (abhisheka) to the symbol of Mahabir. At this day, individuals of Jain religion get engaged with the altruistic demonstration. 
Individuals go to the Jain sanctuaries to ruminate and offer petitions. Some incredible individuals give addresses in the sanctuary to disseminate the ethics of Jain tenet.

Full Details ABOUT MAHAVIR (Mahavir Jayanti Special) 

Mahavir, a 24th and last Tirthankara of the Jainism, was conceived in 540 BCE in an imperial family in Bihar, India. It is viewed as that, amid the season of his introduction to the world the entire was cheerful and turned out to be loaded with success that is the reason he is otherwise called the Vardhman implies Vridhi. 
He was destined to the King, Siddhartha and Queen, Trishala. It is viewed as that amid the season of his introduction to the world his mom got various propitious dreams about him that he would turn into a head or Tirthankara.

After his introduction to the world he got the custom shower with heavenly drain by the God Indra signifying him a Tirthankara. 
He cleared out home at his 30 in the scan for otherworldly arousing and profoundly pondered for 12 and a half years through which he ended up fruitful in accomplishing the Kevala Jnana implies edification. 
He began voyaging all through the India and voyaged persistently for a long time to show individuals the theory of satya, asteya, ahimsa, brahmacharya and aparigraha. 
After his demise at 72, he accomplished nirvana and wound up one of the immense Tirthankara of the Jainism for which he is considered as the author of the Jainism. 

His Life Story

There are numerous varieties in the origination of the Mahavir; some says it was kundigram, Vaishali; Lachhuar, Jamui; Kundalpur, Nalanda or Basokund. However the correct origination is unidentified. His folks were incredible adherents of the Parsva. 
He was named as Mahavir implies awesome warrior as amid his youth he controlled a frightening serpent. He is likewise called as the Sanmati, Vira and Nataputta (implies child of Natas). 
There are numerous varieties too about his marriage, some says he was chaste though some says he wedded to Yashoda and had a girl named Priyadarshana. 
He went for a profound contemplation in the wake of lefting his home at his 30 and confronted bunches of troubles and misery. After numerous years he was illuminated with the discernment, power, learning and joy. 
In the wake of getting illumination, he went to individuals to show them the reasoning of genuine to lift their personal satisfaction and joy. The five moral standards of him are Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Bramhacharya and Aparigraha. 
His kicked the bucket physically at 72 years old and his cleaned soul was totally freed perpetually by lefting his body and accomplished Nirvana implies Moksha. After death, his body was incinerated at the Pawapuri which is currently renowned having a major Jain sanctuary, Jalmandir.

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Mahavir Jayanti Special

Live and Let Live,
Wishing you and your family
a very Happy Mahavir Jayanti. 

May the holy words show you
the path to never ending happiness
Sending you warm wishes
Happy Mahavir Jayanti. 

Arihant ki boli
siddhon ka saar
Acharyon ka path
sadhuo ka sath
Ahinsa ka prachar 

Satya Ahinsa Dharm hamara.
Navkar hamari shaan hai,
Mahaveer jaisa nayak paya
jain hamari pehchaan haia.
jai mahaveer jayenti 

Lets Pray for Peace and Hormony 
for all the humandkind on this
auspicious day Happy Mahavir Jayanti 

May the holy words show you
the path to never ending happiness
Happy Mahavir Jayanti 

The best way
To observe such
Auspicious occasion
Is to strive for peace
And strengthening the
Bonds of brotherhood
Happy Mahavir Jayanti 

The Best way to observe
such auspicious occasion is to
strive for peace and strengthening
the bonds of brotherhood

Happy Mahavir Jayanti! 


Tu karta woh he jo tu chahta hai
Par hota he woh jo me chahta hu
Tu woh kar jo me chahta hu
Fir wo hoga jo tu chahta ha

Happy Mahavir Jayanti!


God Mahavir Says…
Inse sikho

Seva=Shravan se
Mitrata=krishan se
Maryada=Ram se
Daan=Karn se
Tapasya=Mahavir se

Happy Mahavir Jayanti

Arihant ki boli
Siddhon ka saar
Acharyon ka path
Sadhuon ka sath
Ahinsa ka prachar

Mubarak ho aapko Mahivar Jaynti ka tyohar.

May Lord Mahavir Fullfill Your all the Dreams & Wishes. Happy Mahavir Jaynti. In Advance To whole world. 



29 March Mahavir Jayanti In 2018

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